About Our Beef

Our traditional farming method and our very high welfare standards, assured by the Red Tractor scheme, ensure our meat is of the highest quality.

In the summer months, our cattle enjoy being able to roam the lush pastures and parkland around the beautiful village of Braunston and Bragborough Hall itself. During the winter, when the ground is too wet for the cattle to remain outside, they are housed in our state of the art cattle building designed to keep them relaxed and happy. Our cattle enjoy a traditional grass-fed diet, complimented by hay, silage and barley, all of which are grown on our farm. Allowed to grow slowly and naturally, they produce deep red beef with superb marbling of fat, both of which ensure succulent and flavoursome meat. 

The Mini Beef Box


1x prime roasting joint (topside/top rib)
2x rump steaks
2x beef mince or 2x braising steak or 6x Bragborough Bangers or 4x Bragborough 1/4lb Burgers

The Standard Beef Box


2x prime roasting joint (topside/silverside/top rib/brisket)
2x rump steaks or 2x sirloin steaks
4x braising steak packs
2x beef mince or 6x Bragborough Bangers or 4x Bragborough 1/4lb Burgers

The Big Beef Box


3x prime roasting joint (topside/silverside/top rib/brisket)
2x fillet steaks
2x sirloin steaks
4x braising steak packs
3x beef mince packs
12x Bragborough Bangers or 8x Bragborough 1/4lb Burgers

Seasonal Boxes

The Winter Warmer


3x beef mince
4x braising steak packs
6x Bragborough bangers or 4x Bragborough 1/4lb Burgers


The Bragborough BBQ Box (small)


2x rump steaks
6 x Bragborough Bangers
8x Bragborough 1/4lb Burgers


The Bragborough BBQ Box (large)


2x rump steaks
2x rib eye steaks
18x Bragborough Bangers
12x Bragborough 1/4lb Burgers

Individual Cuts

Joints – approximately 1.5kg-2.5kg

Topside/top rib joint – £12.80/kg 
Silverside joint – £9.60/kg 
Brisket – £9.20/kg 

Steaks – 2 steaks per pack

Fillet steak – £34/kg approximately 425g per pack 
Ribeye steak – £24/kg approximately 540g per pack 
Sirloin steak – £20/kg approximately 810g per pack 
Rump steak – £16/kg approximately 700g per pack 
Frying steak – £10.40/kg approximately 550g per pack

BBQ Meats

Bragborough Burgers – £4 per pack of 4
Bragborough Bangers – £4 per pack of 6

Family Favourites

Braising steak/Stewing steak – £8/kg approximately 500g per pack 
Mince – £6.80/kg approximately 475g per pack 

Please note: should we be unable to provide all the cuts listed in your chosen box we will contact you and find a suitable replacement item. 

If you would like to place an order please email:    bragboroughbeef@gmail.com

How To Order

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